Place names in the civil parish of Stradbally

PlaceWhat is itDescription
BallinillauntownlandProp. Andrew Browne, Esq., a minor. Agent, Patrick O’Connor, Esq., Innfield, Co. Roscommon. It is occupied by an uncle of the Proprietor. Rent £1 – 5 per acre. It is all under grazing. In this townland there is a fort called Caherlea. Nothing remarkable to be noticed – on the N.E. boundary is a pool called Poulaurerlee.
Clarin BridgevillageThis village is on the road leading from Galway to Gort. There is a Roman Catholic Chapel here and a Monastery School. This school was established in 1820 by Mrs. Redington of Kilcornan and by whom it is supported. It is attended on an average by about 180 boys.
Clarin Riverriver 
CloghalahardtownlandProprietor Thos. Redington, Esq., Kilcornan, held by tanants at will. Rent 9 shillings p. acre. It is occupied by 10 farmers and 2 cottiers, all Roman Catholics. The soil is of a light clay – rocky. Oats and potatoes are the general produce. Houses stone, the inhabitants are poor. About 90a. of this townland are uncultivated. Nothing remarkable to be notices.
CoolsrahratownlandPro. Andrew Browne, Esqr. Agent Mr. Patrick O’Connor of Innfield, Co. Roscommon. It is held by the tenants of that part of Coolsraughra which is in Ballynacoortia Parish, Rent is 15 shillings an acre. The tenants have leases during the minority of the Prop. Soil a reclaimed mountain or bog. There are nearly 50 acres of uncultivated ground. There is the ruins of an old church on S. boundary of this townland.
CoolsrahratownlandThis townland is the property of Andrew Blake, Esq., a minor residing in Dublin. Agent Mr. Patrick O’Connor of Innfield in the County of Roscommon. It is leased to 9 farmers who pay 15s. p. acre. Soil a light sandy clay in parts rocky. There is about 50 acres cultivated. The remainder is moor or bog. There is a great deal of limestone rocky through the townland, houses stone, pretty neat. The road from Galway to Gort is E. of townland.
Corraun Pointpoint 
Esker Riadaboundary linea boundary line.
GortardtownlandProprietor T. Redington, Esq., Kilcornan. Let to tenants at will. Rent 10s. 2d. p. acre. Soil a light clay, in parts rocky. Produces middling crops of oats, potatoes, wheat. South of townland is a village called Gurtard in which all the inhabitants of the townland live. There are 18 families. All Roman Catholics. Apparently poor. Houses stone, many of them badly built. Nothing remarkable to be noticed. No antiquities – about 190a. are uncultivated.
GurtardvillageAbout 18 families are living in this village. Houses stone, the inhabitants are seemingly very poor.
Hill ParktownlandThis townland belongs to Mr. Reddington of Kilcornan, who has it let to tenants at will. Rent £1 10s. p. acre. The village of Claren Bridge is in this townland in which there is about 25 families, all Roman Catholics. There is a weekly market held in the village above named and 4 Fairs yearly. The soil of this townland is a light clay, rocky. Produces wheat, oats and potatoes. Houses stone. Some of the inhabitants are poor, others in comfortable circumstances. This townlsnd is commonly called Claren Bridge from the name of the village so called.
Kilcolgan Bridgebridge 
Kilcolgan Riverriver 
KilcornantownlandProprietor Thos. Redington, Esq., who occupies the whole townland forming his Demesne. There is a neat family mansion here called Kilcornan House the residence of Prop. There is a considerable part of this townland under plantation and ornamental ground in the South part there are about 130a. of underwood. The grounds of the Demesne are very well laid out, and the mansion house pleasantly situated. Cleran River which runs through townland rises a little W. of the house. Central of townland is an old church in ruins. There are 6 quarters of Kilcornan – namely Garryduff, Fanogmore, Gortardout, FTrmonree, Moneylecal and Knockangarranbane.
Kilcornan CastlecastleRuins of an old castle N. of Kilcornan House.
Kilcornan HousehouseThe residence of Thos. Redington, Esq. This is a beautiful Mansion with suitable offices and gardens, pleasantly situated, having a large Demesne attached.
MoyveelatownlandProp. A Capt. Vandelieur who resides in Dublin. Agent M. St. George, Esq., Kilcolgan Castle, who holds part of it himself. There are only 2 farmers living on the townland. It is principally a reclaimed mountain or bog. More than the half is uncultivated. The rent is 15 shillings an acre, the soil of the parts cultivated is a light reddish clay of inferior quality – the general produce is oats and potatoes, with some wheat.
Muscle Bed 
RahaneenatownlandThis townland belongs to A. F. St. George, Esq., Tyrone House. Agent W. D. Griffith, Esq., Galway. It is occupied by 5 farmers and 4 cottiers, part is held under a lease of one life. Rent £1. 8s. p. acre. Soil a light clay. The general produce is wheat, oats and potatoes, the ground is manured chiefly with sea weed at the last point of townlad is a small village called Weir from an Eel Weir which is close to it across Kilcolgan River.
Rauneena Fortfort 
SliaveauntownlandProp. Mr. Redington, Kilcornan. It is let to tenants at will. Rent from 10 to 20 shillings p. acre; it is occupied by 12 farmers and 1 cotter. All Roman Catholics. The soil is a light clay mixed with gravel, it is in general very rocky, it produces good potatoes and oats with some wheat. The houses are stone of inferior construction, the inhabitants are very poor Claran Village is situated at the cross roads S.W. of townland.
StradballyparishThis parish derives its name from an old ruin and burial ground, South of parish in Stradbally S. townland near Kilcolgan River. Its greatest extent in a N. E. bearing from Tyrone House to the West part of Moyweela Townland, is about 4½ British miles from E to W. about 2 1/2. It is divided into 15 townlands. Cleran Bridge is the only market town in the parish, a weekly market is held on Tuesdays and 4 fairs yearly on the second Thursday of February, May, August and November.
StradballyvillageThis is the largest village in the parish. It contains about 100 inhabitant. All Roman Catholics. Houses Stone. Many of them of inferior construction. The inhabitants are apparently very poor.
Stradbally EasttownlandProp. Martin French, Esq., Galway. Agent Th. Redington, Esq., Dangan. This townland is a part of Kilcornan Demesne, a considerable part of it is planted. The remainder is a sheep walk occupied by the prop. for this purpose. There are many rocks on the surface of the ground. Nothing remarkable to be notices.
Stradbally NorthtownlandThe quantity of uncultivated ground in this townland is about 130a. very rocky.Prop. Martin French, Esq., Galway. It is held by tenants at will. Rent. £1. 5s. p. acre. Soil a light clay, very rocky in parts. The inhabitants live in Stradbally village situated nearly central of townland and containing 32 fmailies. All Roman Catholics, houses stone. The people are in general very poor, in the N.E. point of townland at Claran Bridge is a Roman C. Chapel and Monastery School, built by Thomas Reddington, Esq.
Stradbally SouthtownlandN. of the townland the quantity of uncultivated rocky ground is about 50 acres. Prop. Thos. Redington, Esq., Kilcornan. It is leased to Mathew St. George, Esq., Kilcolgan Castle, who has it sublet to tenants at will. Rent £3. p. acre. It is occupied by 14 farmers and 1 cotter. Soil a light clay, part rocky. The general produce oats, flax and potatoes, in the E. part of townland at Kilcolgan Bridge is a Post Office. This is on the road from Galway to Gort. S.W. of townland is an old church in ruins with a burying ground attached, which gives name to the Parish – at the River S. of townland is a Corn Mill in ruins, near which there is a cave.
Stradbally WesttownlandThis townland belongs to A. F. St. George, Esq. There is a neat family mansion house built on it called Tyrone House. The residence of Proprietor who occupied all the townland – about 30 acres are under plantation. The remainder is cultivated and pasture. Tyrone house is 4 stories high, in good repair, with suitable offices and garden. The soil is a light clay mixed with gravel – produces good crops of wheat, oats and potatoes.
TarramudtownlandProp. Thos. Redington, Esq., Kilcornan. Agent Mr. John O’Flaherty, Headfort Agent. This townland is held by tenants at will. Rent 18 shillings p. acre. Soil a light clay, rocky, the general produce oats, flax and potatoes. There is a neat village central of townland called Tharramud, in which all the inhabitants live consisting of 11 or 12 families. All Roman C. On the boundary N. of townland is an old church in ruins about 120 a. are uncultivated.
TharramudvillageThis is a very neat village on the road side in Tharamud townland.
WeirvillageThis is a small village which takes its name from an Eel Weir which is close to it in Kilcolgan River.