Points in Galway that were identified in the O'Donovan Field Books

Place NameCivil ParishSituation
Annaghbalowna PointMoycullenAt Lough Corrib, E. of Clooniff townland
Ardfry PointBallynacourtyW. of Ardfry House and townland [unable to read].
Ardmore Point Rock MoyrusIn the E. end of the townland of Kilkerrin
Ballaghbristy PointBallynacourtyS. of Townagh townland, W. of parish
Ballynacliha PointBallynacourtyWest of Ballynacliha townland
Ballynacoortia PointBallynacourtyW. of Carhoomore townland
BarnacorraRahoonS. of the parish.
BarnacorraRahoonSouth of the parish.
Bathing House PointOranmoreW. of Oranmore townland.
BaurnahardiaKilcumminIn Ardnasillagh townland.
Bealadangan PointKillanninW.of the Ph. and Bealadangan townland
BealnamarawauliaOmeyIs the S.W. shore of Gannoughs, S. of Corrig Cristore.
Black PointMoyrusIn N. of Loughanelan
BullaunKilcumminIn Carhoomoreknock townland.
BunacashlaunKillanninS. of the Ph. and Tully townland.
CanrosClonrushIn the South end of the townland of Lough Derg about ¼ of a mile S. West of Williamstown Quay.
Carraig na dtroscánOmeyOn the N. shore of Coolacligh and about 6 chains N.W. of Coon a wadda.
CarricknagollapaOmeyOn the W. shore of Eyreforth and about 14 chains S.E. of Corrig a Geeragh.
CarricknahollanaOmeyOn the W. shore of Ardmore and about 12 chains N. of Corrignaveehil.
CarrigavehilOmeyOn the W. shore of Ardmore townland and about 12 chains S of Corrignahullaun.
CarrowmoreOmeyIn the S. of Eyreforth and W. of Carrow Bid.
Castle PointKilcumminIn Minna townland, near the shore.
CauslaKillanninW. of the Ph.
Chapel Feennarty in Tree Trigl. PointAhascraghIs situated in the North Eastern extremity of the townland of Lattoon, on the right hand bank of the road leading from Ahascragh to Ballinamore, 250 links from the junction of the townlands of Keoves, Keelogues and Lattoon in the Barony of Kilconnel.
Cleary's PointClonrushOn the South E. extremity of the townland of Ballynakilla townland about 1½ mile S. S.W. of Whitegate.
Cleggan PointBallynakill in the barony of BallynahinchIs the western part of the parish of Ballinakill. It is bounded S. by Cleggan Bay, N. and W. by the Atlantic and E. by the townland of Ballynew.
Cloghmore PointKillanninS. of Ballynahouen townland
Cloghmore PointKillanninS. of Cloghmore townland.
CoolballymaconryOmeyBetween the townlands of kill and Cruckawallia.
CornadraghtaKillanninW. of the Ph. and South of Annaghvaan Island.
Cornarona PointKillanninS. of Corneroana townland a point on sea shore
Corraun PointStradballyAt the S.W. point of the parish.
Cregg PointBallinakill in Leitrim BaronyThe N. East extremity of the townland of Cloondagauv about 3½ miles East of Woodford.
CrimenaghKillanninW. of the Ph. and E. of Lettermore townland.
Cruck PointKillanninW. of Cruck townland in Garomna Island
CurraghballywilliamMoycullenSouth of Spiddal Middle.
CurraghduffKillianThis Trigl. Point is situated in the Southern part of the townland of Rushestown about 1830 links North of the junction of Gunnode, Tully and Rushestown and about 30 chains N. West of the junction of Windfield, Tully and Rushestown.
CurraghmoreBallinakill in Leitrim BaronyThe S. East extremity of the townland of Cooes North about 4½ miles S. S.E. of Woodford.
CurraghshaunMoycullenS. of Lippa townland.
DerreenKilcumminIn Curranellistrum townland.
DerrynanardreeKillanninN.E. of the parish in Gurtmore townland.
DoleenadoghturaBallynakill in the barony of BallynahinchSituated E. of Roo Illaun S. of Bealchruinne, is bounded E. and S. by Daurusmore townland.
Doorusbeg PointBallinakill in Leitrim BaronyThe S. East extremity of the townland of Doorus and the parish of Ballynakill about 3½ miles S. East of Woodford.
Earawalla PointMoyrusTo the S.W. of Urrisbeg West townland
Eddy PointDrumacooIn Eddy townland.
Eddy VillageDrumacooIn Eddy townland.
FarrahillClonrushThe southernmost point of the townland of Meelick about 1 miles S. S. East of Whitegate Village.
Ferry PointKillanninN.E. of the parish and N. of Knock townland.
Fox PointMoyrusIn the centre of Cashel Bay
Furbogh QuayRahoonS. of the parish.
Gub a RusheenOmeyOn the most westerly point of Fahy and at the entrance of Gub Ardmore.
GubbarusheenOmeyOn the S.E. shore of Innishturk.
GubbatruffaunOmeyOn the N. N.W point of Coolacligh and is the S. side of the entrance to Streamstown Bay.
Gurteen PointMoyrusTo the S.E. extremity of Urrisbeg West townland
Hoolaghan's PointClonrushIn the South end of the townland of Rineska about 3¾ of a mile North of Williamstown Quay.
IllaunafamonaRahoonSouth of Barna Demesne.
IllaunaneasgaryBallinakill in Leitrim BaronyOn the South end of the townland of Doorus about 3½ miles S. S.E. of Woodford.
IllaunmoredonnellanMoycullenSouth of Spiddal East.
Innishcummaun PointMoycullenS. of Innishcummaun Island
KeelchuanOmeyOn the E. shore of Innishturk.
Kilroe PointKillanninW.E. of Kilroe townland.
KnockaunnaliaKilcumminIn Mwickanaghcoille townland.
KnockeighterKillanninS. of the parish and Knock townland.
Lacka PointKillanninS.E. of Teeraneea in Garomna Island
LackcrooaOmeyThe most southerly point of Turbot Island.
LaghtnaglibogeMoycullenSouth of Kellogh townland.
LeighonKillanninW. of the Ph. and N.E. of Annaghvaan Island.
Liberty PointRahoonSouth of the parish
Liberty PointRahoonAt the extreme S.W. point of the parish
LoughatallaghKillanninWest of the Ph.and E. of Clynagh townland.
Loughaunbeg PointKillanninS. of Ayle townland on the sea shore
MarinoRahoonSouth of the parish
MinnaunbegMoycullenS. of the parish on the shore.
MinnaunmoreMoycullenS. of the parish on the shore.
Muckinish PointKilcolganW. of the parish and Mulroag W. townland.
MullenawernaKillanninS. of the Ph.on the sea shore.
Murrino Pt.RahoonSouth of the parish
Mweenish PointBallynacourtyS. of Carhoomore townland
Nancy Meara's PointClonrushIn the N. East end of the townland of Drummaun East about ¼ of a mile north of Williamstown Quay.
Oranmore Island PointOranmoreWest of Oranmore townland.
Parknacouglogh [ou crossed out - Parknacglogh]BallynacourtyWest of Ballynacliha townland.
Philips PointClonrushIn the South end of Drummaun East about ¼ of a mile S. West of Williamstown Quay.
Point No. 2MoyrusIn N. of Loughanelan
Point No. 3MoyrusIn N. of Loughanelan
RinbarraClonrushThe N. East end of the townland of Gorryeighter about 2 miles N. E. of Whitegate.
RinbarraClonrushThe south west point of Illaanmore in Lough Derg about 1½ mile N.E. of Williamstown Quay.
RingarriffClonrushThe south west point of Illaanmore in Lough Derg about 1½ mile N.E. of Williamstown Quay.
RingeenClonrushThe N. East extremity of the townland of Kilcoony about 1¾ of a mile North of Williamstown Quay.
Ringullaan PointDrumacooS.W. of Ringullaan townland.
RinnagorpIniscaltraThe S. East end of the townland of Knockafirth about 1¼ mile S.W. of Mount Shannon.
RinneenskernabinnaMoycullenN. of the parish.
Roscom pointOranmoreE. of Roscom townland.
RossaloughKilcumminIn the townland of Turlough.
RossduffKilcumminIn Turloughmore townland.
Rusheen PointOranmoreN. of Renville W. townland.
Rusheen PointRahoonOn the sea shore S. of Barna Demesne
RusheenyKilcumminIn Turloughbeg.
SaleenOranmoreN. of Renville West townland.
Sauliahoona [u crossed out – SaliahoonaKillanninWest of the Ph.
Tinkers PointClonrushThe N. West end of Illaanmore in Lough Derg about 2 miles N.E. of Williamstown Quay.