Castles in Galway that were identified in the O'Donovan Field Books

Place NameCivil ParishSituation
(2 fields in Castle Kelly demesne)AthleagueThere are two fields situated nearly in the centre of Castle Kelly demesne, and about 44 chains west by north of Castle Kelly house.
(a field in Castle Kelly Demesne)AthleagueIt is situated in the northern part of Castle Kelly demesne and is bounded on the north by Lower Lisdoo, on the east by Table Rock, and on the south by Cullean Fadda and is about 30 chains north by west of Castle Kelly house.
AircinArranIn Killainy townland.
Angloragh CastleTuam ParishIn S.E. corner of the townland of Augloragh in N. bank of river.
Ard Castle RuinsMoyrusIn the N. end of Ard East townland
Aughnanure CastleKilcumminIn Aughnanure townland.
Aylle Old CastleKilteskillS. part of Aylle in a wood.
Ballagh Old CastleClontuskertIt is situated in the townland of Ballagh West within 2½ chains S. West of the road and mearing of Tristraan with this townland. It is situated in the Barony of Cloonmacnoon.
Ballinderry CastleCummerIn Ballinderry townland.
Ballindooly CastleOranmoreIn Ballindooly townland close to Ballindooly Lough.
Ballinduff CastleKilcoonaSituated near the Lodge offices and c of Ballinduff in townland Ballinduff.
BallintempleKilleenadeemaIn the townland of Killeenadeema East.
Ballybrit CastleSt. NicholasCentral of Ballybrit townland, E. of parish. Not occupied.
Ballycoona Old CastleKilleenadeemaIn the townland of Ballycoona.
Ballydonnellan CastleKillallaghtanIs situated in the West of Ballydonnellan East.
Ballydoogan CastleKilmeenBallydoogan. Leitrim [Barony].
Ballylee Old CastleKiltartanIn the townland of Ballylee, parish of Kiltartan and County Galway.
Ballynabannaba Old CastleFohanaghSituated in the South of Ballynabannaba townland.
Ballynakill Old CastleBallinakill in Leitrim BaronyIn the South West end of the townland of Ballynakill about 1 mile E. N.E. of Marble Hill House.
Barna Old CastleRahoonS. of the parish and Barna townland on the sea shore S.E. of Barna House at the corner of orchard.
Barnadarrig Castle RuinsKillererinW. of the road passing through Barnadarrig townland.
Cargans CastleCarginSituated in the townland of Cargans.
CashlaunnagranshaLackaghClose by the northern boundary of Grange E.
CashlaunnaveaculBelclareSituated on the townland of Tubberminna.
Castle FfrenchKillosolanIt is situated in Eastern side of Castle Ffrench townland.
Castle RogerKilgerrillThis ruin is situated in the townland of Killurebeg within about 12 chains East of this mearing of Fair Field with this townland.
Castle RuinsClonbernIn the N.E. end of Lerhan townland
Castle RuinsClonbernIn the corner of Park N. townland.
Castle RuinsDunmore ParishE. of the townland of Castle.
Castle TaylorArdrahanIn the townland Castle Taylor South, Parish of Ardrahan, Barony of Kiltartan and Co. Galway.
Castlegar (In ruins)KilleelyS. of Castlegar townland.
Castlegar CastleSt. NicholasAt the village of Castlegar in townland of same name. Not occupied.
Castlehacket old castleKillowerSituated in the townland of Castlehacket.
CastlekirkCongSituated in the townland of Drimsnav.
CastlereaghDunmore ParishN. side of Stripe townland and on the parish boundary.
Cloastoken Old CastleKilconicknyThe townland of Cloastoken.
Cloastoken Old CastleKilconicknyThe Western boundary of the townland of Knockadadmore.
Cloghballymore Castle (in ruins)KilleenavarraIn Cloghballymore townland.
Clonbrock CastleFohanaghThis castle is situated in the farm yard of Clonbrock House.
Cloonacauneen CastleOranmoreE of the parish in townland of same name.
Cloonboo CastleAnnaghdownIn Castle Quarter townland.
CloondadauvBallinakill in Leitrim BaronyOn the North East extremity of the townland of Cloondagauv about 3½ miles East of Woodford.
Coolfin CastleBallinakill in Leitrim BaronyAbout the centre of the townland of Coolfin about 3½ miles N.E. of Woodford.
Corrofin CastleCummerCorrofin Townland.
Corrofin LodgeCummerCorrofin Townland.
Cregana Castle (in ruins)BallynacourtyS. of Creggannamore townland
CreggaunKilloraE. of the parish in Caheradangan townland.
CreggaunKilloraE. of the Parish. Bounded on the N. by Ballymore. On East by Caheradangan and the parish of Lickerrig. On S. by Cappanraheen and on W. by Roo and Doonard.
Cummer Old CastleCummerGlebe.
Cushlaunadawcallaugh (old castles)MoycullenN.E. of parish and North of Cartoor townland near Lough Corrib.
DeriakKilloraIn Roo Townland.
Doon CastleOmeySituated on the N. bank of Streamstown Bay and about the centre of the S. boundary of Doon.
Droght Old CastleKilreekillIn the townland of Droght.
Dunkellin Castle (in ruins)KilleelyIn Dunkellin townland
Dunmore CastleDunmore ParishIn the S. of Castlefarm townland.
Glinsk CastleBallynakill in the Barony of BallymoeGlinsk Castle now in ruins is situated nearly in the centre of the townland of Glinsk about 2 chains South of Glinsk House.
Greg CastleDunmore ParishN. side of Stripe townland and on the parish boundary.
Headford CastleCarginSituated in the Northern extremity of Balrickard.
Kilcloony Old CastleLissgeevy ParishIn the W. end of Kilcloony townland.
Kilcooly CastleKilcoolyIn the townland of Kilcooly.
Kilcornan CastleStradballyN. and central of Kilcornan Demesne.
Killeen CastleOranmoreE. of the parish in Killeen townland.
Kiltrogue CastleLackaghIn Kiltrogue townland near the southern boundary of Kiltrogue W.
Kiltullagh CastleOranmoreN. of the Parish of Kiltullagh townland.
KnockacushlawnDuniryIn the South end of the townland of Cloonacastle about 3/4 of a mile South of Dooniry village.
Laragh CastleKillimordalySituated 10 chains W. of the E. boundary of the townland of Larha, and about 3 chains S.W. of the meeting of 3 roads, near the N.E. corner of sd. Townland. Kilconnell.
Lavallyconnor Old Castle (in ruins)KilleelyS. of the parish in Lavallyconnor townland
Lerhan Castle RuinsClonbernIn the N.E. of Lerhan townland.
LisheennoraClontuskertIs situated on the S. western extremity of the townland Somerset and on the parish mearing between Kltormer and this parish, in the Barony of Longford.
LisnashealKillallaghtanIs situated in the southern side of the townland of Coollymurraghty, about 40 links South of Lissnaphuil.
Lough Cooter CastleBeaghOn the Eastern shore of Lough Cooter and in the South East of the townland Lough Cooter Demesne, Parish of Beagh, Barony of Kiltartan and Co. Galway.
Manus CastleClonrushIn the South East end of the townland of Crummaun West about 1 mile S. E. of Whitegate Village.
Merlin CastleOranmoreIn Merlin Park townland.
Moneyduff CastleOranmoreS. of Munnadhuv townland.
Moylough Castle (in ruins)MoyloughSituated in the S.E. of the townland of Moylough, ½ a mile W. of the cross roads in the village of Newtown Bellew.
O'Brien's CastleArranIn Innisheer townland.
Old CastleIsertkellyIn the S. part of Castle Park townland.
Old castle mostly in ruinsMoyrusIn the W. of Ballinahinch Lake
Old Castle of AnnaghbrideKilmeenAnnaghbride. Leitrim [Barony].
Old Castle of RahalyKilthomasIn the N. end of Rayhealy.
Oran CastleOranmoreW. of the parish and Oranmore townland.
Park Castle RuinsClonbernIn the E. corner of Park N. townland.
Park Old CastleKillallaghtanIs situated in the S. East side of the townland Park about 12 chains N. West of the junction between Park, Bullterrine and Coollymurraghty.
Police BarrackRoss ParishSituated in the townland of Cappaghnagoppul or Peters Bourgh.
Police BarrackRoss ParishSituated in the townland of Cappaghnagoppul or Peters Bourgh.
Renville CastleOranmoreIn Renville W. townland.
Rinvyle CastleBallynakill in the barony of BallynahinchIn the N. corner of Ranrauwer townland, at the sea shore.
RuckwellKilconlaIn townland Tubberroe.
Ruins of Old CastleTuam ParishIn townland of Castletown.
Shanbally Castle (in ruins)KilleeneenSouth of Shanbally Townland.
Shandoonbally or Doonbally CastleDunmore ParishIn the S. end of Graigahullin [unable to read] townland and W. side of [unable to read].
Site of Ballygar CastleKilleroranIt is situated in the townland of Ballygar about 25 S. W. of Ballygar trig. Station.
Site of Doon CastleFohanaghSituated in the West of Doon Upper at the North end of Doon House in Doon Fort.
Site of Kelly's CastleKilcloonySituated in the S. West of the parish Mackney townland about ? chains ? of the road from Ballinasloe to Galway.
Site of Lissnavulthaun CastleKillaanIt is situated in the Southern part of the townland of Lissavulthaun.
Site of Old CastleAughrimIs situated in the South side of Coolulla Townland and about 3 ½ chains North of Aughrim bridge.
Site of Old Castle of CloonignyKilgerrillThe site of this Castle is situated in the townland of Cloonigny nigh the centre of it and about 42 chains S. West of the junction of Killuremore, Kilgerril and Cloonigny. Is also situated within about 19 chains S. West of Cloonigny Fort.