Forts in Galway that were identified in the O'Donovan Field Books

Place NameCivil ParishSituation
Knockash FortKilleenadeemaCnoc Ais is at the other side of Knockroe.
A Fort and Burial GroundTuam ParishIn the N.E. end of Ryehill townland.
AbbeygreyAthleagueIt is situated nearly in the centre of Abbeygray townland, and about 111/4 chains west by north of the junction of the townlands of Knockaunarany, Castle Kelly and Abbeygray.
Alloon FortBallymacwardIt is situated in the North part the townland of Alloon Upper about 8 chains from the mearing.
Ally's FortKillosolanIs situated at S. West extremity of townland Lisslea, joining that part of the Barony ? which divides the townlands of Creggaunagroagh and Lisslea and about ¾ of a mile South of Caltra Village.
Andrews FortDonaghpatrickSituated in the townland of Kildrum North of Kildrum Carn
Annagh WestAnnaghdownSituated in the southern extremity of townland Poulnamal near the bog.
Ballanderreen FortDrumacooIn townland of same name.
Ballantubber FortKillallaghtanIt is situated towards the N. West of the townland of Ballantubber.
BallinlassKilleroranIs situated in the townland of Ballanlass about 15 chains N. W of Ballanlass house.
Ballybaan FortSt. NicholasW. of Ballybaanmore townland
BallyedmondKilcoonaSituated in the townland of Ballydonnelan.
Ballyglass FortAhascraghSituated in the East of the townland of Ballyglass about 1½ chains on the S. West of the road from Ahascragh to Ballygill Bridge in the Barony of Cloonmacnoon.
BallykinnagaunKilcoonaSituated in the townland of Bohercul.
Ballymabilla FortKillallaghtanIt is situated in the South part of the townland of Ballymabilla.
Ballymannagh FortClontuskertIs situated near the S. West extremity of the townland Ballymannagh about 1,000 links South of Whitehall Bridge. In the Barony of Longford.
Ballynacoortia FortBallynacourtyIn Ballynacoortia townland which gives name to it
Ballynamanan FortKilloraS. of the parish in townland Ballynamannan.
Ballynew FortDonaghpatrickSituated in the townland of Beaghmore, a little N.E. of Ballanew Village between it and Cloonascragh village.
Ballytoohy FortKillosolanIs situated in the Southern side of the townland Bredagh.
Barbers FortKillererinIn the townland of Clogherbwee.
Bartly's FortKilloraIn Lissendragan townland.
Bishops FortAhascraghIt is situated about 8 chains North of the road from Ahascragh to Castlegar and about 80 links West of the Demesne wall of Weston in the Barony of Cloonmacnoon.
Black FortAhascraghSituated in the N. Western part of the townland of Esvallaghoohlu on the North of the road from Ahascragh to Ballygill Bridge in the Barony of Cloonmacnoon.
Boilingbrook FortSt. NicholasIn Townparks townland
Boston FortAughrimIt is situated in the western extremity of Cloghagallow Eeghter townland.
Brackloon FortClonbernIn the townland of Brackloon.
Brynes FortBallymacwardIt is situated in S. East part of the townland of Lisscune Lower about 550 links West of the Trigl. Station called Lisscune.
Bullanagh Fort and CaveKilthomasIn the S. end of the townland of Bullanagh.
Burying place for childrenKilcolganNear the E. boundary of Parkaloughaun townland.
CaherBelclareSituated at the East end of the townland of Culleen.
CaherCongSituated in the townland Gurthnaclossagh.
CaherKilleeneenE. of Carhooaskovvogue townland.
CaherKilleeneenW. of Fahymactobit townland.
Caher FortKilkilverySituated in the townland of Ballycolgan a little E. of the North village of Ballycolgan.
Caher FortKilkilverySituated in the townland of Bunnacunneen about the centre of the townland having a fort called Lisheen a short distance East of it.
Caher FortKilteskillN. part of Leamcun.
CaherachoolaKilleanySituated in the N.E. corner of Clooneen townland. Its ring touching the mearing.
CaheradoonaBallynakill in the barony of BallynahinchIn the S.W. corner of Curragh townland.
CaheranargidKilcoonaSituated in the S.E. part Culgorrive Townland near the Western part of Limnagh West townland.
CaheranoreKilcoonaSituated in the townland of Manusreevagh touching the mere.
CaherardMoycullenIn Lissagurraun townland, S. of parish.
CaherateemoreKilcumminIn Carhoomoreknock.
CaheratootherCongSituated in the townland of Carrowkeel.
CaherbegKilleeneenE. of Fahymactobit townland.
CaherbulliganKilleeneenOn South boundary of Caherbulligan townland.
CahercreenKilleeneenIn Cahercreen townland.
CahercroneenKillursaSituated in the townland of Ardfinton having Lissma[Unable to read.]eenaun West of it and another fort E.of it, and all in Ardfinton townland. That fort standing E. of Ardfinton. Fort is not distinguished by any name.
Caherdine FortKilleeneenIn Caherdine townland.
Caherduff FortKilkilverySituated in the townland of Ballycolgan, a little W. of the South cluster of houses on Ballycolgan townland.
Cahereenard FortDonaghpatrickSituated in the townland of Currynard
Caherfurvaus FortKilleeneenIn townland of same name.
CahergalBallynacourtyIn Ballynamanna East townland.
Cahergal FortCarginSituated in the townland of Cahergal in the Eastern part of the townland not 10 yards from houses and near Culleen village.
Cahergononey FortCummerMoneen townland W. side of road.
CahergortmoreKilcoonaSituated south of Gurthnavatthogue fort on the townland of Manuslin.
CaherhughyKilcoonaSituated in the townland of Mausreevagh having Limashonna fort N. of it.
CaherinaneKilcoonaSituated in a N. W. direction from Caheranargud and not far from it either in Culgorriv townland.
CaherisdacusKilleeneenIn townland of Killeeneenmore.
CaherlissagunnaKilleelyIn Ballinastaig townland.
CahermoneenakirkaKilcoonaSituated in Fieragha townland West of Doonnamonminnaun and not far from Poulnahaila Boundary.
CahermoreAthenry ParishIn the townland of Kilskeagh.
CahermoreKilconlaA Fort in the townland of Cloontansy.
CahermoreKilleeneenS. of Fahymactobit townland.
CahermoreKilloraA Fort in the townland of Cloontansy.
Cahermore FortKilleelyE. of the parish in Carrageen E. townland. (Dunkellin)
Cahernaclosa FortKilreekillIn the townland of Ballintubber West.
CahernagatKilcoonaSituated in the townland of Ballycasey.
CahernagonBelclareSituated in the townland of Ardrumrella.
CahernallyKilcoonaSituated in southern part of Feraghee townland, a little S.E. of the most southern part of Fieragha village.
Cahernaskovvogue FortKilleeneenIn Carhoonaskovvogue townland.
Caherpeak FortKilcolganIn the above named [Caherpeak E. townland] townland.
Caherpipe Fort KilleeneenIn Caherpipe Townland, S.W. of Parish.
CaherroryKilcolganIn Carraghadhu townland.
CahershanemaguireAbbeyknockmoyA fort on the townland of Ballanamona near the boundary of Abbeyknockmoy and Abbey Parishes.
CahershaneykellyKilleenavarraIn the N.W. part of Kaimsellagh West townland.
Caherweelder FortKilleelyIn Caherweelder townland which gives name to it
CaherybroganKilleeneenIn Killeeneenmore townland.
CahirKilleeneenW. of Caherdine townland.
Cahir and caveKilleeneenS.E. of Thollarooa Townland.
CahirsKilleeneenN.E. of Caherbulligan townland.
CaltraghFohanaghThis fort is situated in Lowville Demesne in the South East side of sheep walk and 1,200 links East of Fort Patrick.
Caltragh FortClontuskertIs situated in the western part of Urraghree is S. West of Wakefield Village and N. West of Urraghree Village and in the Barony of Cloonmacnoon.
Caltragh FortClontuskertIs situated near the South extremity of the townland Lismanny and about 2 chains South of Lissmanny Lodge. In the Barony of Longford.
Caltragh FortClontuskertIs situated in a N. Eastern part of the townland Coolbeg near the Barony at the junction of the townlands Somerset and Coolbeg. In the barony of Longford.
Caltragh FortKilbennanIn N.E. side of Ballyboy Townland S. of road about 130 yards.
CaltraghgarraunClontuskertIs situated on the northern extremity of the townland Somerset on the Barony mearing between Cloonmacnoon and Longford.
CaltraghpastyFohanaghThe fort is situated in the West part of Clonbrock Demesne 100 links North of Furze Park.
Cappadavuh FortTuam ParishIn S. central part of Cappadavuk townland about 90 yards N. of Lavally Lough and 15 yds. N. of road.
Cappanaveeagh FortRahoonIn Cappanaveeagh townland near Salt Hill
CaraunnarootiaKilleeneenIn Killeeneenbeg Townland, S. of the Parish.
Carheenaphuca KilleeneenIn Killeeneenbeg Townland, S. of the Parish.
CarhereebegBelclareSituated in the townland of Caherhugh.
Carhoomore West FortClontuskertIt is situated in the townland of Carhoomore West within 1 chain East of the junction of Loughturk West, Taylorstown and Carhoomore West. It is also situated in the Barony of Cloonmacnoon.
CarnanthomasKilloraIn townland of same name.
Cartron FortKillallaghtanIs situated in the West side of the townland of Cartron and stands on a small rise.
CathairCarginSituated at the East end of the townland of Culleen.
Cathair CealltrachKilleeneenS. of Shanbally townland.
Cathair CongaileKillursaIn the centre of Cormack Nalty townland.
Cathair, a stonefortKillowerSituated at the East end of the townland of Culleen.