Place names in the civil parish of Kilteskill

PlaceWhat is itDescription
AcrebegtownlandAbout equally divided in pasture and tillage each of a good description, about half of it is occupied as ornamental ground. There is a fort and a quarry in this townland. Nothing else remarkable. Proprietor Mr. Smyth, Loughrea. Rent£1 5s. per acre. Co. Cess 1s 1d.
AcremoretownlandAbout equally divided between tillage and pasture, each of a tolerably good description. There is a small cave and a quarry in this townland. Nothing else remarkable. Proprietor Lord Clancarty. Rent £1. 5s. County Cess 1s. 6d.
AillechurchA Chapel and School House.
AilletownlandThe whole of this townland is good pasture except a few acres of tillage, it has ornamental grounds in the southern part in which there is a ruin called “Aylle old castle”, a little North of which there is a cave, there are 2 Danish forts, an old church and grave yard. Proprietor Lord Clancarty. Rent £2. 10s. Co. Cess 1s. 3 ¼ d. per acre.
Aylle Old CastlecastleA name given to a ruin. The walls of Aill Castle remain, as yet, within the Demesne of Doctor Farrell. It stands on a rock – whence the name Aill.
BallinlawlesstownlandThis is an extensive townland occupying nearly all of the South of the parish and a large arm of it runs thro’ the centre north. It contains 3 large woods, known by the names of “Kilgarriff”, “Derreen” “Cnabee?” and also a good many farms and springs. It is nearly all bog. Proprietor lord Clonbrock. Rent 10s. 1d. Co. Cess 1s. 5d.
Ballinlawlesstrigonometrical stationA Trigonometrical Station.
BallyeightertownlandIs divided in pasture and tillage of a good description. It has 2 portions of rough ground on the Eastern extremity. Nothing remarkable in this townland.
BallyknocktownlandThis is a small and nearly square townland, is pasture and tillage of a light description, has a compact hamlet in the S.W. corner.
Caher FortfortA Danish Fort.
CommonstownlandIt is very nearly all rocks, bog and heath. It has a bye passage running thro’ the centre. Nothing remarkable connected with it.
CossaunaclampertownlandIs all choice pasture and ornamental grounds except a few acres of tillage. There is a narrow irregular pond in the Southern part of this townland. Nothing remarkable. Proprietor Dr. Farrell, Dalystown House.
Cullenagh BridgebridgeA bridge known by that name. Wm. Stace Lieut. R. E. 21st April, 1838.
Deerparktrigonometrical stationA Trigonometrical Station.
Derreen WoodwoodA wood known by that name.
DrummintownlandIt is nearly all under rocks, bog and heath. There is a small portion of light pasture of a very poor quality. Proprietor Lord Clonbrock. Let by bulk at a very trifling rate.
Glebe of Ailleglebe 
GlennaslottownlandAbout 2/3 of this townland is pasture and remainder tillage of a good description, has one fort which nearly forms a square. Proprietor Lord Clancarty. Rent per acre £1. 5s. County Cess 1s. 3d.
Hinch WoodwoodThe name of a wood.
Kelly's WellwellA well known by that name.
Kilgarriff WoodwoodA wood known by that name.
KilnabastygraveyardAn old graveyard.
KilteskillparishAbout 1/3 is bog or mountain, rock and heath, in which there are 3 large woods and northward 3 other woods with a good many lesser ones. It is thinly inhabited having only 3 small villages together with a few scattered cottages, 4 or 5 small ponds, R. C. Chapel in which there does be held a school, 30 males and 20 females.
KnockashtownlandIs all pasture and tillage of a tolerable good description, has at its Southern boundary a large wood in the corner of which there is a Trigonometrical station bearing the townland name. This also contains a graveyard and 2 remarkable wells.
Knockashtrigonometrical stationA Trig. Station.
KnockaunbauntownlandIs all excellent pasture and ornamental ground, has 2 Danish forts and nothing else remarkable. Is the property of Dr. Farrell of Dalysfort House.
LeamcontownlandAbout ¼ tillage and remainder pasture each of a good quality. There are 3 Danish Forts , 2 small ponds and a quarry together with a spring well known by the name of “Tubberdugh” Proprietor Lord Clancarty. Rent £1. 5s. County Cess 1s. 1d. p.a.
LisheenaclaratownlandAbout ½ is tillage and the remainder pasture, each of a poor description. There is a large village in this townland. There is also a graveyard used only for stillborn and unbaptised children. Proprietor Sir. John Bourke of Marble Hill. Rent £1. 5s. County Cess 1s. 2 ¼ d.
LisheenaleentownlandIs all pasture of a good description, is ornamental ground and has on the Eastern boundary 2 plantations. Nothing at all remarkable. It has also a portion of Kylegarriff wood in the Southern side. Is the property of Dr. Farrell, Dalysfort House.
LoughauntownlandThis is nearly square and all arable, has at its most N.E. corner a small portion of rough or rocky ground, it also contains near the S. a small pond.
LoughaunlealakeA small circular lough.
MasonbrooktownlandIs all pasture of a very good description except a few acres of tillage. There are in this townland 2 remarkable forts, a hill, a turret, a fish pond, also a large wood and a cave in the most northern of the forts, it is all ornamental ground. Proprietor Mr. Smyth, Loughrea. County Cess 1s. 1d.
Masonbrook HousehouseA Gentleman's Seat.
MoanmoretownlandIs all pasture of a very good description, has a few small plantations, and a Danish Fort, and a small pond called “Loughinlea”. Is all ornamental ground. Proprietor Mr. Smyth, Loughrea. County Cess 1s. 1d. per acre.
OwenaglannariverA river know by that name.
RahaannagroaghfortA Fort.
RathsonnyfortA circular fort with 4 embankments.
SrahaunanantatownlandIs all heath, bog and rocks, save a small portion of very poor pasture and tillage. Proprietor Lord Clonbrock. Rent £2. 0s. per acre. No County Cess.
ToberduffwellA remarkable well.
TobermacduaghwellA remarkable well known by that name.