Place names in the civil parish of Arran

PlaceWhat is itDescription
AircincastleRuins of an old Castle. Arkin Castle.
Ballaghfarraboypart of seaThat part of the sea between Innishmaan and Innishmore Islands.
Brannock Islandstownland and island 
BullaunasurneywellA holy well called after St. Surney.
BullaunmullourewellA holy well near to which is a saints bed to which many go to sleep expecting to be healed of their infirmities.
Bun Gowla 
Cill EnnaThe only safe place for boats. The soundings are 2 to 5 fathoms and tolerable anchorage for large vessels.
CobarubhachvillageThe name of a village.
DoagheanywellA holy well.
Dubh ChathairfortA fort built by the same King at the same time.
DĂșn AengosafortA fort built by King Angus about the year 470.
Dun ConcobhairfortA fort built by King Angus about the year 470.
EochaillfortA fort.
EogainachtfortA fort.
Friars' wellwellA holywell.
Gregory's Soundpart of seaThat part of the sea which surrounds the West of Innishmaan.
Inis Oirir (Colgan)townland and island-p dictar infra divisionem p.dic Tren? - Connaught, que p cell cognoscat 1 et appellation p nomen Cononaght, vell fforren ne prioraght alias nunciapant nome balleboght, que p cell? Begine in Jure Monasterii. Vide infra.
InnishmaanislandInishmeane made over Richd. Earl of Aron by patient under King Charles 2nd. Quod sunt 3. Insule que dicunt Insule sancter/ ut vulgarit nucupant (the Isles of Aren) quo 1 dicitur Arenmore, alter or Inishmaine et 3a Inisheraght - quod Indic Insule dividend in 3 alus. Vide infra.
Killainy quayquayA quay built in 1820 by a grant from the Fishing Board. Had 38 large sailing boats, besides a number of rowing boats.
Killany villagevillageA village.
Kilronan QuayquayA temporary landing place for boats erected in 1830.
Kilronan villagevillageA village.
KnockaunnamangraveyardA burial place for children and women only.
Light Househouse 
O'Brien's CastlecastleRuins of an old castle said to have been built by the O'Briens in the 14 century and reduced in 1652 by the Parliamentary forces.
PortmurveycreekA creek or harbur in Innnishmore Island.
Portnakillalanding place for boatsLanding place for boats.
Straw Islandisland 
Teampull Mic DuachchurchThe ruins of a church or abbey in rear of the village of Kilmurvy and near to which is another called Tampul Beg. A holy well called Tubbermacdough.
Teampull na MainistreachchurchThe ruins of a church or abbey near a few scattered houses to which is given name St. Kierans Chapel.
Telegraph ruinstelegraph ruins 
TempleassurneychurchThe ruins of a church or abbey called after St. Surney a female saint which is said belonged to Killeenavara Parish. Near to which is a holy well called Tubbersurney.
TemplebenaunhouseA small ruinous building on an eminence called Cnuckminnaun.
TemplebrickanchurchThe ruins of churches or monastery founded by St. Eannea and dedicated to St. Brecean one of those is still called Tempul Brecan - near to which is a holy well & Sts. Bed.
TemplekeevaunchurchRuins of a church or abbey dedicated to St. Kavin near to which is St. Kavins bed famous for miraculous cures.
TighlagheanychurchThe ruins of a small church or abbey called after St. Einnea in rear of Killainy village with a small burying place attached.
TobermacduaghwellA holy well.
Turmartinround towerA round tower or kind of lookout built of loose stones.