Quays in Galway that were identified in the O'Donovan Field Books

Place NameCivil ParishSituation
Anglingham QuayOranmoreA quay N. of Menlo townland on Lough Corrib bouy.
Ballynow QuayRahoonIn Cladagh in the W. part of Galway Town
Barna QuayRahoonAt Barna Village
Captain Blake's QuayCongSituated in the townland of Drimsnav.
Cladagh QuayRahoonIn Cladagh, the West part of Galway
Cleggan QuayOmeySituated in the N.E. part of the townland of Knockbrack, S. of Cleggan Bay.
Cloonile QuayMoyrusIn the S. of Derryad W. townland
Coal QuayCongSituated in the townland of Dooray.
CurraglassKillanninS.W. of the Ph.and East of townland in Coshla Bay.
DooghbegOmeyIn the S. of Gurtrunnagh townland.
Killainy quayArran 
Kilronan QuayArranThere was a well here called Tobar Ronain, lately stopped up and there is a tradition that there is a church dedicated to St. Ronan but its site cannot now be ascertained. There is a square pile of stones with an elder tree growing in the centre..
Lynch's QuayBallynacourtyS. of Carhoomore townland.
Menlo QuayOranmoreW. of Menlo townland and village.
Mulroog QuayKilcolganW. of the parish and Mulroag W. townland.
New QuayBallynacourtyS. of Carhoomore townland
North QuayOranmoreN. of Renville West townland.
Old QuayMoyrusIn the E. end of Lettercamsy townland
QuayMoyrusIn the E. end of Ardbear townland
QuayMoyrusN. the E. extremity of Roundstone
Recorders QuayRahoonS. E. of Leanaboy about an English mile from Galway close to the bathing on the Salt Hill line.
Renville QuayOranmoreSouth of Renville West townland.
Ringhanane QuayRahoonIn Cladagh in the W. part of Galway Town
Spiddal QuayMoycullenS.W. of the parish and Spiddal West townland
St. Kit's QuayDrumacooW. of Killeenarran village.
St. Mary's QuayOranmoreAt Oranmore Bay, South of Gurraun townland.
West QuayOranmoreW of Renville West townland.