Place names in the civil parish of Isertkelly

PlaceWhat is itDescription
BallinlatownlandIs a small townland, all arable and contains nothing remarkable.Proprietor Mr. Lambert a deed for ever.
BallygarrauntownlandThis is a large townland, consisting of a portion of bog, four spots of marsh, and the remainder arable, which contains a considerable portion of wood attached to a Gentleman's Seat called Woodville House.It contains a Trigl. Station and a paid[Unable to read.] Proprietor, Rt. Honble. Lord Clanricarde, rent per acre £1.0.0. County Cess 1d per acre.
BallygarraunvillageThe name of a small straggling village.
CastleparktownlandA small and nearly square plantation, and contains the ruins of an old castle and Trigl. Station. Proprietor Dudley Persse, Esq. of Roxboro Demesne of which it forms a park.
Castleparktrigonometrical stationA Trigl. Station.
Furzy ParktownlandThis is a small townland, all arable. It contains nothing remarkable.Proprietor, Mr. Miller[Unable to read.] Of Dublin.Rent per acre £1.5s.County Cess 1s. 41/2d. per acre half yearly.
GortardtownlandA small square townland, consisting of wood and arable land. It forms part of Roxboro Demesne and contains nothing remarkable.Proprietor D. Persse, Esq.
IsertkellyparishThis parish belongs to the diocese of Kilmacduagh. It is very small, nearly all arable, and contains a good deal of ornamental grounds. It also contains 2 Danish Forts, 1 old church, and 1 old castle. It has 3 ponds and 1 Gentleman's Seat.
IsertkellytownlandThis is a large townland. All wood and arable land. The wood is distributed into eleven plantations. It forms part of Roxboro Demesne.Proprietor Dudley Persse, Esqr.
Isertkellytrigonometrical stationA Trigl. Station.
Isserkelly Connecting Stationtrigonometrical stationThe name of a trigl. station.
Isserkelly NorthtownlandThis is a large and irregularly formed townland nearly all arable. It contains 2 Danish Forts, and 2 Ponds, and the ruins of an old church to which a grave yard is attached.Proprietor R. Piersse of Castlefoy, rents per acre £1.0.0. County cess 1s 2d per acre.
Isserkelly Old ChurchchurchThe name of an old church in ruins with a burial ground attached.
KilleenpatricktownlandThis is a small townland, consisting of rocky and arable land, the farm[Unable to read.] occupies about one third of it. It contains nothing remarkable.Proprietor, W. Lambert a deed for ever.
MeheransparktownlandThis townland belongs to Roxboro Demesne. It is all arable. It contains a Trigl. Station, nothing else remarkable, unless three or four plantations of trees.Proprietor Dudley Persse, Esqr.
Old CastlecastleAn old Castle in ruins. This castle belonged to the Mac Hobart, a branch of the Burkes.
Woodvilletrigonometrical stationA Trigl. Station.
Woodville HousehouseA Gentleman's Seat, having fine premises, and a good deal of wood attached.