Turloughs in Galway that were identified in the O'Donovan Field Books

Place NameCivil ParishSituation
BallinakilloughCarginSituated in the townland of Ballinakillough.
Ballycasey TurloughKilcoonaSituated in South East part of Ballycasey townland.
Ballycunlough TurloughCarginSituated in the townland of Ballcunlough.
Edhollaan TurloughKilconlaIn Blindwell Townland.
Esker TurloughKilcolganN. of the above named townland.
Fearagha TurloughKilcoonaSituated near the centre of townland Fieragha.
Kilcoony TurloughKilcoonaSituated in the South West part of townland Kilcoony.
LeeraghKilcolganBetween Kiltiarnan W. and Parkatleva.
LisínCarginSituated in the townland of Ballcunlough.
MoneardotiaKilcolganSouth of Carraghadhu townland.
PollatanvallyKilleelyS. of the above named townland.
Turloch bó deirgKilconlaSituated in the Townland of Blindwell on the South side of the…
Turlough MonaghanKilcoonaSituated at the northern bondary of the parish at the junction with Downapatrick parish.
TurloughacashlaunBallynacourtyS. of Creggana Castle in Creggannamore townland.
TurloughmoreLackaghNear the northern extremity of the parish.