Hills in Galway that were identified in the O'Donovan Field Books

Place NameCivil ParishSituation
AillteentallinKilcumminIn Carhoorooa West.
ArdannageehaKilleeneenIn Cregananty townland.
ArdeevinIniscaltraIn the North West end of the townland of Bohittia North about 3¼ miles north of Mount Shannon.
ArdgosaunKilleeneenIn Fahymactobit townland. Extreme S.W point of Parish.
BallaghboyBallynakill in the barony of BallynahinchIn the N.W. part of Letterfrack and on the old road from Westport to Clifden.
Ballynew HillMoycullenIn Newtown townland, N. of the parish
Bark HillBallinakill in Leitrim BaronyThe South end of the village of Woodford in the townland of Woodford.
BaurnaheskabauniaBallynakill in the barony of BallynahinchSituated in the E. part of Kylemore, a little W. of Loughaun Baur na heskebawna.
Big Paddy's HillBallynakill in the barony of BallynahinchSituated at the S.E. corner of Kylemore near the parish boundary of Moyrus.
Blake's HillRahoonS. of the parish and Knocknacarra townland on the sea shore
Boakeen HillKilloraNorth of Aggardbeg townland.
BoherglassBallinakill in Leitrim BaronyThe N. East end of the townland of Derryvohiani? about 3½ miles North East of Woodford.
Boslehaden HillSt. NicholasOn the boundary between Ballybaanbeg, Glananayle and Town Parks
Briar HillOranmoreThere is a Trigl. Station on this hill.
BroabweeBallynakill in the barony of BallynahinchIn the centre of the S. part of Kylemore, E. of Lugreevagh and S. of Glanchorabeth.
Buffy HillKillanninIn the townland of Buffy
Bunownhill or Sugarloafhill Doon HillBallindoonSituated in the townland of Bunownmore on which there was a Tellegraph and ruins of a octagonal building also ruins of store of said Tellegraph.
CapparoeKilleeneenIn Killeeneenmore townland.
CartronkeelKilcumminIn Minna townland.
CloghinchaKilleeneenS. of Killeeneenmore. In the Turlogh.
CloghoolKilleenavarraE. of Cloughboolia townland, East of the Parish.
CloghreeKillanninS. of the Ph. in Tully townland.
CloughalickeminKillanninN.E. of the Ph. between Wormhole and Gurtmore townland.
Coarse River HillockMoyrusIn the N. end of the townland of Derryneen
Coastguard HillKillanninN. of Bonrabaun townland
CorkernarusheenyKilcumminIn Rusheny townland.
CorranteeaunKilcumminIn Glengowlamore townland.
CorraunmoreKilcumminIn Derryglin townland.
CreggatoukKillanninN.E. of the Ph. in Wormhole townland.
CrockearhaghBallynakill in the barony of BallynahinchSituated in and being the centre of Foher townland.
CrocknamweelaBallynakill in the barony of BallynahinchSituated in the S.W. part of Kylemore townland N. of Benbawn and S. of Glanchorabeth.
Crow HillTynaghIn the West end of the townland of Ballindrimna about 3 miles north of Dooniry village.
CruckaunhaaleeleeKilcumminIn Saalalee, Saile Laoigh. No such townland.
CruckaunteeyoataRahoonS. E. of Leanaboy at Salt Hill.
Cruckranny HillMoycullenIn Knockranny townland
Danesfield HillMoycullenIn Gurtaloughlin townland
DerreenanéancrinKilcumminIn Lurgan townland.
DerrooKilcumminIn Oorid townland [crossed out] No hill of this name in Oorid.
Derrycreagh VillageRahoonIn townland of same name
Derryherke hillKillanninE. of the parish in Booliska Ooghter townland
DerrynagadecranTaghboyIt is situated in the townland of Derryfad surrounded by a [Unable to read.] large deep. The River Suck is to the S. East of it about 5,900 links to the [Unable to read.] of Killaderry with this townland and Acre East is 4,300 S. West.
DooeskerTynaghIn the townlands of Cormick[Unable to read.] Brackery North, Gurt[Unable to read.], [Unable to read.] and [Unable to read.] W., parish of Teena, Barony of Leitrim, about 1 3/4 miles N. W. of Kelly's Mills.
DooneenmoreBallynakill in the barony of BallynahinchSituated in the N. part of Keelkyle and S. side of Barney Derrug.
DrumnaskeaghKilcumminIn Gurtaroola townland.
Eddy HillDrumacooIn Eddy townland.
EmlaghBallindoonSituated in the townalnd of Derrygimlagh.
EmlaghardaghBallindoonSituated in the townland of Ardagh.
EmlaghnacourleaBallindoonSituated in the townland of Derrygimlogh.
EmloghBallindoonSituated in the townland of Drinagh.
EmloghBallindoonSituated in the townland of Emloghmroe.
Fairy Hill or SheelweeMoyrusIn the N. end of the townland of Gorramin
Flower HillClonrushNear the centre of the townland of Whitegate between Lougharton and Whitegate Village about 10 chains north of the latter.
Flower Hill HouseTynaghIn the east end of the townland of Bouluskeagh or Flower Hill, Parish of Teena, Barony of Longford, 2 1/2 miles north of Kelly's Mills.
Gallows HillAughrimIs situated in the South side of Attydermot townland.
Giant's hill and grave KilthomasIn the townland of Grannagh.
Illaunmore HillMoycullenIn Finisklin townland, W. of the parish
IllaunmunnaghLackaghN.E. extremity of Knockdoe big.
KeeraunacussaunKilcumminIn Lettermuckoo townland.
KeeraunaderrooghKilcumminIn Derroogh townland.
KeerauncarrafinlaKilcumminIn Lettermuckoo townland.
KeeraunduffKilcumminIn Lettermuckoo townland.
Keeraunduff HillMoycullenIn Letterpeak townland, West of the parish
KeeraunnageeraghKilcumminIn Letterkeigharne townland.
KilgarriffKilcumminIn Magharamore townland.
Killagoola HillMoycullenIn Killagoola townland, S of the parish
KnockaballaghKillanninIn Clynagh townland West of the Ph.
KnockabannaDuniryIn the north end of the townland of Cloonacastle about 1/4 of a mile S. of Dooniry village.
KnockadoneyRahoonIn Ballagh townland close to Ballagh Village.
KnockadoonDuniryAbout 10 chains N. West of Dooniry village in the townland of Dooniry.
KnockadoonDuniryIn the N. West end of the townland of Shanbally about 3/4 of a mile S. S. West of Dooniry village.
Knockady ConorTynaghIn the North end of the townland of Knockawnflour and Ballywatteen about 1 1/2 miles East of Teena Village, Parish of Teena, Barony of Longford.
KnockanattinClonrushIn the N. East end of the townland of Derrainy – about 1½ mile N. N.W. of Whitegate.
KnockanphubbleKilconierinSituated in the S. E. part of Moyode Demesne near Moyode Castle.
KnockaphreachaunKilcolganIn the above named townland [Mulroag W. townland].
KnockaphreaghaunKillanninIn Keeraunbeg townland S.W. of the Ph. at Coshla Bay.
KnockathanlahanDrumacooCentral of Drumacoo townland, N.E. of parish.
KnockaunagilkaKillanninIn Killannin townland N.E. of the parish.
KnockaunalaghtaKilleeneenIn Killeeneenbeg townland, S. of Parish.
KnockaunataggartKilcolganIn the above named townland [Culdooish townland].
KnockaunateeskealKilcumminIn Lettermore townland.
KnockaunavrickKilcumminIn Mwickanaghkellour townland.
KnockaunawackyKillanninS.W. of the Ph. in Invrin townland.
KnockaunawaddyKilcumminIn Glantrasna.
KnockaunbaunAhascraghIt lies about 12 chains to the South of Cloonshee Bridge in the townland of Clooncannon Dillon and the barony of Cloonmacnoon.
KnockaunglassRahoonS. of seapoint near Barna village.
KnockaunnacroighyKilleelyE. of the parish, S.E. of Deerpark townland (Kiltartan).
KnockaunnagarkKilcumminIn Magharabeg townland.
KnockaunnambloveAnnaghdownIn Annaghdown. A sub denomination thereof.
KnockaunnashinnaghKillanninN.E. of the Ph. in Ouer townland.
KnockaunseeghaunBallinakill in Leitrim BaronyNear the centre of the townland of Abeyvilla about ¾ of a mile S. S. East of the Abbey Village.
KnockaunvrackaKillanninIn Clynagh townland West of the Ph.
KnockbrackKilcumminIn Letterkeighan townland.
KnockbrackTynaghIn the East end of the townland of Cloonmweelaun, Parish of Teena, Barony of Leitrim, 1 mile S. W. of Kelly's Mills.
KnockbrackTynaghIn the South end of the parish of Teena, Barony of Leitrim, 5 miles N. E. of Woodford and about 9 miles South of Teena.
KnockcarraghKillanninIn Bauraderra townland S.W. of the Ph.
KnockfinKillanninW.of the Ph. in Garomna Island.
KnockmaKillowerOn the boundary of the parish of Killower and Belclare.
KnockmaaBelclareSituated in townland Caltra and Cahereeny.
KnockmanusKilcumminIn Derramweel townland.
KnockmoreBallynacourtyW. of Carhoomore townland.