Place names in the civil parish of Meelick

PlaceWhat is itDescription
Big IslandislandThis Island contains a Marsh on the N. W. side and a [Unable to read.] on the S. W.
CallowbegtownlandA townland the [Unable to read.] part of which is inundated. All arable.
CallowmoretownlandA townland containing two [Unable to read.] houses, a small portion of bog, the remainder arable - the Southern part of this townland is inundated by the Shannon.
CamustownlandA townland containing several houses, a [Unable to read.] of lime kilns a brick kiln, a Danish Fort and a large portion of bog.
CarrownafinnogetownlandA townland containing a R. C. Chapel and school, several farm houses, the road from Galway to Eyrecourt passes through this townland near its western boundary.
DerrytownlandA townland containing a Trigl., the ruins of a Brewery - a corn mill, Police Station, Holy Well, several Forts, a number of farm houses, Lime Kiln, and a portion of bog.
FearmoretownlandA townland containing a few farm houses, all arable.
Friars Islandtownland and islandIt contains a small shrubbery in its N. West angle and drain it all. Belongs to a Mr. Garvan, Eyrecourt.
FriarslandtownlandA townland containing the ruins of an Abbey in which there is a monument dated A.D. 1815 also a Friars House - Convent Chapel and grave yard with a few dwelling houses. All the townland is arable.
GlennavaddogetownlandA townland all arable containing a Trigl. and several houses.
KeelogetownlandA townland all arable containing a Trigl., Corn Mill and several houses, a portion of this townland on the South East side inundated by the River Shannon.
KilhonerushtownlandA townland containing several farm houses a large portion of the Southern part of this is inundated by the Shannon - all arable.
KilmachughtownlandA townland containing a number of farm houses. This townland is all arable.
LismafaddatownlandThis townland contains a Danish Fort - two Fir plantations, a gravel pit, and a few farm houses. The entire is arable.
MeelickparishA very small portion of this Parish is bog the remainder arable. It contains three Demesnes, two of which have a Gentleman's Seat in each and the roads from Galway to Eyrecourt; Eyrecourt to Killimor, and Portumna to Eyrecourt, intersect the Western extremity of the Parish. There are several islands which belong to this Parish, two of which are very large called Big Island and Friars Island. It has a R. C. Chapel and School, two villages called Reaskmore and Gleneasdogue and at the margin of the River Shannon which bounds it on the East is situated the ancient ruins of an Abbey.
MeelicktownlandA townland containing several farm houses, a Smithy and village named after the townland. The entire is arable.
Mill Park part of Lismore DemesnetownlandA townland containing the house and gravel pit, a portion of the townland is planted. Remainder arable.
MoyowertownlandThis townland contains several farm houses, a Lough and three Danish Forts. The entire is arable.
Prospect DemesnetownlandThis townland contains a Gentleman's Seat called Prospect and some planting.
ReaskmoretownlandA townland containing village named after it and several farm houses. A road from Ayre Court to Kilimor goes through it. The entire is arable.
TullytownlandThis townland contains several houses, two ponds, a Lime Kiln, two Granite Pits and part of a Danish Fort, a large portion of this townland is planted. The rest is arable.