Place names in the civil parish of Fahy

PlaceWhat is itDescription
FahyparishAbout the 1/6 of this parish is bog, the remainder arable. The roads from Killimor and Eyrecourt and Portumna to Eyrecourt pass through the centre of it, and another bye road leading to Lawrencetown crosses through the North extremity of the parish. It contains one Demesne and Gentleman's Seat, called Greenfield. The northern part is much intersected by ditches. It has several farm houses and gardens, some Danish forts and spring wells.
FahytownlandThe main road from Portumna to Eyrecourt goes through this town on which is situated the village of Fahy. It contains a Gentleman's Seat called Greenfield [Unable to read.] which is a L. Kiln and pond. There is a church in ruins and graveyard in the S. East side of townland and a Danish fort in the N. West of town - about 5 chains N. West of the church ruins there is an [Unable to read.] well called Tubber. The entire is arable save about 55 acres of bog at South End.
Fahy alias TullinlickeytownlandThere is nothing particular in this townland except a few farm houses, 3 houses in ruin on the bye road from the village of Fahy through the townland. There are two L. kilns on exactly on the mearing common with Derry and the other in the N. of townland near Fahy - nearly the one half of the townland is bog and situated in the South side.
FeaghbegtownlandThe road from Portumna to Lawrencetown goes through this townland. The whole is very much divided with ditches and [Unable to read.]. Although there are nine houses in ruins, yet there are a great many houses and [Unable to read.] gardens with four L. Kilns through the townland. About five sixths of the entire is arable . The bog is situated part in the West the other on the [Unable to read.]. There are two gravel pits on the W. side of road first mentioned. There are [Unable to read.] [Unable to read.] of [Unable to read.] on the E. side.
FeaghmoretownlandThere are no less than eleven houses in ruins in this townland. There are two pools and [Unable to read.]able[Unable to read.] heaps of stones in the E. side. On the W. side there is a Trig. Station and a L. Kiln beside it and two gravel pits and quarries also near it. Three spring wells - a bye road through it. The townland well divided with ditches and streams and a furze of about 2 acres and bog of about 11 on the N. side.
Feemore alias FeemoreoughtertownlandThe entire of this townland is arable. There is a Trig Station on the N. E. side and near it a pool and spring well. There is a graveyard on this side of townland. There is a gravel pit and two bye roads, and a mill race to a mill in ruins all in this townland.
GrangetownlandThe centre of the townland is arable with many ditches and a running stream, a bye road and a few lanes or avenues to a Gentleman's house in centre beside which is erected a stone marked A.D. 1736. There are two gravel pits, one each side of bye road on the E. side of townland. There is a L. stone quarry and gravel pit beside mearing on the E. of townland.
MeeneentownlandAbout 1/3 of this townland is bog and [Unable to read.] on the W. side there is a [Unable to read.]. in the arable beside the [Unable to read.] [Unable to read.] of Shannon which bound it on the South. It is intersected with many streams which communicate with the Shannon. There are two or three well enclosed gardens in it.
MoorfieldtownlandThere are two Danish forts one on the E. and the other on the W. side of this townland. It is all arable and there are two houses in ruins on the S. side on road, and another on N. side beside plantation.
Moorfield or GortnamonatownlandThere are two bye roads through this townland beside junction of same is a gravel pit and piece of bog about 1/2 acre. There is also about 6 acres of bog on the N. side of townland. There is a D. Fort in the S. side and two rectangular ponds to the E. The townland is much divided with ditches and two streams.
MuckanaghtownlandAbout [Unable to read.] of this townland is bog. There is a house in ruin and two L. Kilns in the arable part. There are many streams running into the Shannon. There are four pools, a trig. Station with many enclosed gardens.
SkehanaghtownlandAll arable well divided with many ditches and car road, though it contains at the South a few houses at edge of road with a large garden.
SlaghtatownlandContains a quantity of Bushwood with a mill[Unable to read.] partly in ruins. The inundation of the Shannon very far in the townland. There is a L. Kiln and a large garden to the above house. There is also about 26 acres of bog in the N. end of townland.