Place names in the civil parish of Drumtampul

PlaceWhat is itDescription
Cloonaderra Westtownland2/3 of this townland is bog situated in the Southern portion and along the east boundary, the remainder of the land is tillage and pasture. Centre of river forms a part of the West and East boundaries.
ClooneetownlandThere is a small portion of bog in the S. W. corner of this townland and two Danish Forts in the North portion. Centre of River forms the East Boundary. The remainder of the land is tillage and pasture.
CurliskeatownlandThis townland has only a small portion of arable land the remainder is bog. The road to Ballymoe passes eastward through the North portion.
DrumtampulparishDrimtemple, a Vicarage, Diocese of Elphin, Archdiocese of Tuam, a part of the Union of [Unable to read.]. Neither Glebe or Glebe house, Rectorial in this impropriate in the Essex family - John Mulloy, [Unable to read.][Unable to read.][Unable to read.] and Dean of Drimtemple.
DurrowtownlandThe town of Ballymoe is situated in the S. W. portion of this townland and centre of river Suck forms the principal part of the boundary of this townland. The land is tillage and pasture.