Place names in the civil parish of Dononaughta

PlaceWhat is itDescription
3 ½ cartron in Lyssegara? 
BallynamuddaghtownlandA townland containing a few farm houses, a village of the same name, a Danish Fort, two quarries and gravel pits – all arable.
Budellagh and CloghbracktownlandThis townland contains a Gentleman’s Seat called Woodview, a pond, a few detached houses and the ruin of a School House. All arable intersected with ditches most of them planted.
Corballymore and CamgorttownlandThis townland contains a village of the same name, a Danish fort, and adjacent to it a gravel pit with the exception of a small portion of bog in the S. West angle. It is all arable.
Dononaughta ParishparishThis parish consists of 10 townlands inclusive of Eyre Court Demesne. The townland of Eyre Court is situated in the South East of it. The road from Loughrea and Kiltormer to Banagher passes through the parish. There are 6 fairs in the year held on the 10th February – the next fair is held the first Monday after Easter Monday and the next are the 10th of July, 8th of September, 10th of November and the 22nd of December. A market on every Saturday throughout the year. There are 4 schools in the townland, two in Court Lane. A Female School held in the Court Tower under the London Hibernian Society, teacher Rev. Mr. Gowran, 50 pupils, 11 of which are Protestant, the rest being Roman Catholic. £8 per year is allowed by the Society – School in Market St. Teacher Mr. Quinlan, 9 Catholics and 4 Protestants. Ruin of school in River Street – the Rev. Richard Banks, Rector of the Parish, deceased, allowed £35 per annum for the education of young men intended for the Church, [unable to read], the classical department.
Eyre Court Town and ParkstownlandThis townland contains the town of Eyre Court in which there is a Church, a Roman Catholic Chapel, a Methodist Chapel, a Police Barrack, Bridewell, Dispensary, Post Office, Courthouse and School, a Hotel and Pound, several Smitheries and a Fish Pond South of the town – all arable.
Eyrecourt DemesnetownlandThis townland contains a Gentleman’s Seat named Eyre Court Castle. A grave yard and old church, a few detached houses, the ruin of a kennel, three Danish forts, a large portion of planting, 2 lime stone quarrys, a gravel pit and a Trigl called Redwood Hill – also two caves near its S. East boundary – also an old church and grave yard – all arable.
GlebechurchThis townland contains the ruins of a church and grave yard with a cave on its S. West side. All arable.
GortnakillatownlandThis townland contains an old Brewery and a few detached houses – the road from Loughrea and Killimor to Eyrecourt passes through. All arable intersected with ditches, thickly planted. There are two small Loughs in this townland.
Lios na Ghara 
LisdooauntownlandA townland containing a Gentleman’s Seat called Waburn, a few detached houses, two Danish Forts, a lime stone quarry and Trigl, also a small Lough in the South East angle. This townland is thickly planted in hedge rows. All arable.
LisfinnytownlandA townland containing a few farm houses. A Mill and Race, a Danish Fort. The road from Eyre Court to Meelick and Portumna passes through it. All arable, intersected with ditches thickly planted.
LissanacodytownlandThis townland contains a Gentleman’s Seat called Lisinacody House, several farm houses, a smithy, two Danish forts, a number of wells and a small portion of bog in its N. W. angle. 31 Aug. 1838.