Strands in Galway that were identified in the O'Donovan Field Books

Place NameCivil ParishSituation
BealcrunniaBallynakill in the barony of BallynahinchIs the N.E. part of Ballinakill Bay. It is bounded N. by Derryinver and Derryherbert and S. by Daurusmore.
GooranaraheenyOmeySituated on the sea shore on the S.W. point of Russadillisk townland and at the entrance into L.ataala.
PorteenalaghaBallynakill in the barony of BallynahinchIn the N.W. corner of Ardna greevagh shore at the N. side of the road fromTully to Renvile Point and 10 chains S.W.
TrawbreediaOmeySituated on the n. Shore of Russadillisk and at Corrig Greed.
TrawmoreOmeyOn the N.W. shore of Gannoughs at the point of the boundary between same and Aughrusbeg.
Trawnahawen [e crossed out – TrawnahownMoycullenS.W. of the parish and S. of Spiddal West.
White StrandRahoonNext to salt marsh which lies between Fairhill and Salthill. S.W. of Galway.