Holes in Galway that were identified in the O'Donovan Field Books

Place NameCivil ParishSituation
Poll Bó DeirgKilconlaSituated in the townland of Blindwell in a clump of trees at end Turlough Bodarrug.
PollacullearOranmoreIn Renville West townland.
PolladirkMoyloughSituated in the W. side of the townland of Moyloughmore, 1 chain S. of the boundary and 8 chains N.N.W. of Moylough Church.
PollboyKilcumminIn Creg townland, South side of Ooghterard.
PollboyOranmoreSouth of Aurdaun Townland.
PollellenoreKillanninWest of the Ph. and Clynagh townland on the Ph. boundary.
PoulnabaunyKilloraIn townland of same name.
PoulnakirkaMoycullenKnockbaan in N. of parish near Ross Lake.