Harbours in Galway that were identified in the O'Donovan Field Books

Place NameCivil ParishSituation
Ardbear HarbourOmeySouth of the W. side of the parish extending from Cliften to Ardmore.
BallynakillBallynakill in the barony of BallynahinchIs a part of the Atlantic Ocean that runs into the West side of the Ph.between Renvile Point on the N. side of said Harbour, and Claggin Point, on the South.
Beal a Coon MoreOmeyTo the N. of Hog Island and adjoining Lea Bross.
Big QuayClonrushOn the west extremity of the townland of Illaanmore at about 1¼ mile N.E. of Williamstown Quay.
Brandy HarbourDrumacooW. of the parish and N. of Ringullaan townland.
CoonawackyBallindoonSituated along the townland of Poulrewagh.
Fahy HarbourBallynakill in the barony of BallynahinchSituated about the middle of the S. part of Ballinakill Bay. It is bounded N. by Ross, S. by Thievemore and Knocknahaw.
FooanderraunBallindoonSituated by the townland of Leaghchorrig.
Harbour for BoatsMoyrusIn the E. end of the townlands of Kilkerrin
New HarbourBallynacourtyN. of the parish and N.E. of Ardfry House
PortaghBallindoonSituated along the townland of Poulreevaugh.